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Below are some of the inquiries that we receive (not regularly updated)



    My name is Elise Baum RN, I am the director of nursing at Rancho Mirage Surgery Center. We are looking to hire two scrub technicians. Please let us know if you have any candidates interested in these positions.


                                                                         Elise Baum

                                                                     Rancho Mirage Surgery Center


We are constantly hiring new surgical technicians and would love for your program to list us as one of the clinics hiring for those graduates who live near Koreatown or Downtown LA. 





Line Plastic Surgery Center

3424 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 1100

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Direct: (213) 487-6000

Office: (213) 383-3322

Fax: (213) 383-1667

We would like to offer our facility for internship to any student residing near the Antelope Valley from Valencia all the way to Tehachapi.


Kind regards,




Apollo Surgery Center
43944 15th Street West , Suite 101

Lancaster, CA 93534
Office: 661-506-1147  | Fax: 661-579-4001


I am the administrator of an ambulatory surgery center.  I am in the market for a CST for a facility I am opening in South Austin, near Buda, TX.

Would you happen to have any candidates looking for employment?


Thank you so much for your time!


Stacia Johnston, RN, Administrator

PSA Ambulatory Surgical Center of South Austin

Expert Pain Care.  Close to Home.

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