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Online Phlebotomy  Technician Training

Dignity College of Healthcare Phlebotomy Technician training online is far superior than other online phlebotomy programs because it includes the training, exam review and a national certification exam. The fees for the national certification exam is the responsibility of the student. For the phlebotomy technician national certification exam, we recommend Healthcare Professionals Competency Testing (HPCT) or National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

The national certification enables the graduate to practice in every state of the united states except California and Louisiana. These two states require a state license, in addition to the national license or certificate which the student will obtain at the end of this program.

This program is ideal for those who have a pre-arranged facility or their workplace where they will be able to do hands on training.

This is an excellent program especially for those who are unable to attend traditional classroom settings.

Phlebotomy training online includes dynamic videos demonstrating how to draw blood by venipuncture and fingerstick.

Please note: This entire Phlebotomy Training Online program is web-based. It includes online training ONLY with related video demonstrations, it does "not" include hands-on training.

Only 2 steps to apply: 1. Pay 2. Fill out form

How it works:

1. Register, choose your payment option and pay

2. Receive study materials at your doorstep within five business days

3. Take the program and the exam review with the help of an online instructor.(must be completed within 2 months)

4. Assignments are due every week.(Your online instructor will guide you)

5. Register for the national certification exam

6. Test at the nearest national testing center to your zip code, usually within 30 miles from you or in front of your computer with your proctor monitoring you.

7. Join hundreds of Dignity College of Healthcare graduates and Become a nationally certified healthcare professional!!


Online Phlebotomy Technician Program Registration Form

Only 2 steps to apply:

1. Pay

2. Fill out registration form

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