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EKG/ECG Technician Online Training Program Sponsored by Healthcare Professionals Competency Testing (HPCT)

In celebration of 5 years of national credentialing, The Healthcare Professionals Competency Testing (HPCT) has opened a sponsorship program for a limited time for the EKG Technician Program. Dignity College of Healthcare is pleased to announce that our institution was chosen to partner with HPCT to actualize this project.

Regular EKG Course Price - $2400. However, it has been fully paid for by HPCT.

Ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

Only 2 steps to apply below



Only 2 steps to apply:

1. Fill out registration form below

2. Click on step 2 and input your email address for automatic log in information . Check your email for your password, then use it to log in. The key for step 2 is:


If you choose not to complete step 2, your admission will NOT be processed. 


Step 1: Fill out the form below

Free EKG Tech Course Sponsored by HPCT

Thanks for completing Step 1. Please proceed to Step 2!

Step 2: Click on the tab below & fill it out. Registration is not complete until step 2 is completed


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our EKG Technician Training Program. 


Who is an EKG Technician?

EKG Technicians, or cardiovascular technicians, are an integral part of the management of patients with heart disease. EKG technicians use electrodes, which are attached to a patient's chest, and other specialized electronic equipment to obtain heart readings known as electrocardiographs or EKGs. They are able to trace and record electrical impulses transmitted by the patient's heart. The recorded data is then reviewed by a physician to evaluate the condition of the patient's heart.

The Doctor's diagnosis of heart disease is based upon the interpretation of EKG Tracings. EKG's are also performed before and after operations, during physicals, examinations of patients over 40, for patients with a history of heart disease, when patients are experiencing chest pains, and when the Doctor deems it necessary.

What topics are included in the EKG Course?

EKG Equipment and Supplies

Anatomy of the Heart

Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System

EKG Interpretation

Specialized Procedures Related to Electrocardiography


What are the duties of an EKG Technician?

An EKG technician adheres electrodes to the patient's chest, arms, and legs. An EKG machine is used to trace and record electrical impulses transmitted by the patient's heart. After data is collected, the EKG technician prints an EKG for evaluation by the physician. An EKG technician with advanced training performs Holter monitoring and stress testing. Advanced EKG Procedures: To perform a Holter monitor, an EKG technician:

places electrodes on the patient's chest

attaches a portable EKG monitor to the patient

removes a tape from the monitor and places it in a scanner, following 24 or more hours of normal activity by the patient

checks the quality of the recorded impulses on an electronic screen

prints the information from the tape for evaluation by a physician

To perform stress testing, an EKG technician:

documents the patient's medical history

connects the patient to an EKG monitor

obtains a baseline reading and resting blood pressure

monitors the heart's performance while the patient is walking on a treadmill

gradually increases the treadmill's speed to observe the effect of increased exertion


Do I have to take a national examination when I complete the EKG training?

The sponsors of this EKG Tech program require all scholarship recipients to take the Healthcare Professionals competency Testing National certification Exam at the completion of your program, as well as spread the word about HPCT.  Our exam success rates have been incredible!

How this sponsored program works:

1. Register by filling out the registration form on this  page and completing step 2

2. Commence the introductory modules which you will be enrolled in.

3. Purchase the books you would receive the purchase links to and send proof to

4. Once the proof of book purchase has been received, and you have completed the introductory modules, you will be enrolled into the main course.

4. Complete your course within 12 weeks 

5. Take your national certification exam with HPCT. Student is responsible for HPCT national certification exam fee of $199. It is not included in this scholarship.

5. Join hundreds of Dignity College of Healthcare graduates in becoming nationally certified healthcare professionals.

6. Join the healthcare team and make good income while impacting others positively.

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