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Facility-sponsored Program

Because our highest facility-sponsored program is for the surgical technician, this page is dedicated to that. If you wish to sponsor any other program, click here to contact us

Step 1:

Step 2:

Fill out the form below 

Name Of facility*

First name*

Last Name*

Email Address*

Address of facility*

Type of facility. e.g hospital, surgery center, etc*

How many workers would you like to train?*

Have you paid for the training using the button above?*

If you have not paid, would you prefer an invoice? (Please note that we invoice for a minimum of three workers. Students cannot commence training until invoice has been paid in full). Would you still prefer an invoice?*

Please list the names of the workers you wish to train*

Thanks for submitting!

After filling out the form

Step 3:

Give your employees the surgical tech page to fill out their information:

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