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Online Medical Assistant Training Program

Register with confidence because Dignity College of Healthcare online medical assistant program curriculum is nationally accredited and a student that has successfully completed this program is eligible to sit for the national certification exams.

Dignity College of Healthcare Clinical Medical Assisting program is nationally accredited. It is a 480 hour program. Clinical internship is included in the training. It is a 6- month program. At the end of the program study, the student will be eligible to sit for the national certification exams for:

1. Medical Administrative Assistants

2. Clinical Medical Assistants.

Price: (Medical Administrative Assistant) $2400 plus $2400 (Clinical Medical Assistant) = $4800

A student can take The Medical Administrative Assistant (front office) Course alone, but cannot take the Clinical Medical Assistant course without the Medical Front office course.

Option 1.

Medical Administrative Assistant & Clinical Medical Assistant ONLY ($4800)

Option 2.

Medical Assistant COMBO (3 courses in one: Medical Administrative Assistant $2400 plus EKG Technician $1500 plus Clinical Medical Assistant $2400 offered at a discounted rate of $6000 for the 3 courses.

Study from the comfort of your own home, use a nearby clinic for your hands-on training, avoid commuting everyday and still earn 2 or 3 national certifications (depending on the option you choose) in:

1. EKG Technician

2. Medical Administrative Assistant

3. Clinical Medical Assistant

Course Duration for Medical Assistant COMBO: 6 Months (or faster depending on your pace)

Online Medical Assistant Training Program Registration Form

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How it works:

1. Register, choose payment option and pay

2. Receive study materials at your door step within 5 business days

3. Take the program and exam review with the help of an online instructor.

4. Assignments are due every Tuesday (Your online instructor will guide you)

5. Complete the course and Register for the national certification exam

6. Test at the nearest national testing center to your zip code, usually within 40 miles from where you live.

5. Join hundreds of Dignity College of Healthcare in becoming nationally certified healthcare professionals.

6. Join the healthcare team and make good income while impacting others positively.


There is a good reason why Medical Assistants are in such high demand! With medical advances and an aging population, the U.S. will experience growth in the health care industry in general and outpatient settings in particular. Because Medical Assistants typically work in outpatient settings, handling both clinical and administrative duties, demand for bilingual workers will be exceptionally strong.

As a Medical Assistant you will be in high demand.

You will succeed when you study at Dignity College of Healthcare

Below are the 15 top reasons students study to become a medical assistant with us.

1) Our curriculum is nationally accredited. Our medical assistant graduates succeed.

2) No High School Diploma or GED required to join our medical assistant class.

3) Very affordable. Training, exam review and national certification exam package in one!

4) Not only is our medical assistant tuition low, you can pay as you go.

5) Program is channeled towards helping you gain the knowledge you need as well as pass the National Certification Exam.

6) For every national certification exam, you will need to test at an approved testng center. At the end of your program, we will assign you to the closest testing center to you. Usually within 30 miles from you.

7) Our online training provides more like a one to one learning experience.

8)Study from the comfort of your own home. No baby sitting problems, no commuting, put your food on the cooker when you study!

9) Our medical assistant instructors are MD's and licensed healthcare professionals.

10) Our online videos prepares you to find a convenient medical facility near you for your hands-on training.

11) Our medical assistant course is always updated to meet all new standards.

12) Our medical assistants graduate with 2 or 3 certifications; front office, back office & EKG Technician. So, they can even work in hospitals with the EKG Technician Certification. WE CARE! We will bring out the best in you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a medical assistant?

Medical Assistants have always played an important role in physicians' offices, clinics, and other facilities where health care services are offered on an outpatient basis. With the changes in health care, the onset of managed care, and the explosion of knowledge and technology in medicine, physicians' offices as well as health care agencies are looking for well trained medical assistants.

Can you give me a little detail of what my duties will be as a medical assistant?

We train the student in both the front and back office duties.

Although clinical duties vary, they will include but not be limited to the following responsibilities:

Apply principles of aseptic technique and infection control

Prepare and assist with examinations, procedures, and treatments

Obtain patient history and vital signs

Collect and process specimens

Perform or assist with diagnostic tests, including performing an EKG.

Taking blood for examination (Phlebotomy)

Performing certain lab tests

Screen and follow patient test results

Maintain medication and immunization records

Adhere to established triage procedures

Coordinate patient care information with other health care providers

Administrative duties include but are not limited to the following responsibilities:

Basic clerical duties

Schedule, coordinate, and monitor scheduling

Schedule inpatient/outpatient procedures and admissions

Perform medical transcription

Perform procedural and diagnostic coding

Obtain reimbursement through accurate claims (insurance) submission

Monitor and follow-up on third-party (insurance) reimbursement

Apply bookkeeping principles

Document and maintain accounting and banking records

Manage accounts payable, accounts receivables, and payroll

Professionally manage telephone responsibilities

Receive, organize, prioritize, and transmit written and verbal communications and information

What is the current JOB OUTLOOK for medical assistants?

Medical Assistants generally work in outpatient settings which are expected to grow much faster than average during the next 10 years spurring the demand for flexible support personnel.

What are the specific duties of Medical Assistants?

A Medical assistant is an unlicensed multi-skilled health professional who offers administrative, clerical and technical support to the physician. Medical assistants provide services for front office, back office and other clinical laboratory areas. Medical assisting is a versatile career for men and women because it provides services in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health practitioners to work smoothly. They are not like physician assistants who diagnose and treat patients under direct control of physician, instead, they depend on the specialty of practitioner.

Medical assistants work under the control of department administrator.They perform administrative duties like answering telephones, greeting patients, and updating patient medical records. Medical assistants play significant role in the medical offices or clinical environments. However, they don’t make any independent decisions, about the diagnosis, treatment or emergency plan of patients. They are not allowed to perform independent practice.

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